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A classic that is entering the tradition of snowboarding but every year offers so many new things!


Date: 20/11/2017 time 1200

Like every year, the Organizing Committee, led by Denis Constantini, brings some novelties, sometimes concerning the technique, the heart of sporting competition, sometimes involving entertainment.

This year, the novelty is twofold, but the most important aspect is the double competition.

In addition to the "classic" in the evening on illuminated track, the real end of the weekend, a new race is added on Friday. The program therefore plans on Friday 15 December at 13.15 the parallel giant, while on Saturday 16th the parallel slalom is confirmed at 19.00. All this will be surrounded by official ceremonies, such as the extraction of the chests and collateral events, where the evening is located in the Faloria hut, which this year will see as a novelty a tribute band.

The objectives of the dual competition are different, explains President Constantini, who adds: "The evening competition aims to add value to live television and to create a collateral event for young people and adults, while the second competition aims to bring a wider public, made up of families and children. " In this sense, the desire to organize Snow Kidz, the event that FIS wanted to bring children to the winter sports world, is an event that the Snowboard Club dedicated to the "table".

"An organizational competence that strengthens, an important signal for Cortina2021," said Alberto Ghezze, Cortina2021's Sports Manager, with whom the organization works in close synergy thanks to a team's sharing both on the track and in the office.

Satisfaction also by Cortina Cube's Managing Director Enrico Ghezze, who strongly supported the decision and is preparing the ski area to best accommodate athletes and fans. Next month will be the launch of the promotion campaign, which this year, thanks to a radio partnership and the participation of new partners will extend beyond Cortina.


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