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Waiting for the teams, check out the preliminary program and stay tuned about all the updates and the news on our page FIS Snowboard World Cup - Cortina d'Ampezzo 

Team Invitation

On behalf of the Italian Ski Federation -FISI, the Snowboard Club Cortina cordially invites your Nation, as member of Federation Internationale de Ski -FIS -to attend to the FIS PGS World Cup in 

Cortina d'Ampezzo

12. December 2020

Codex Numbers

12.12.20PGS WC:L 6291M 6290Night Event




I-32043 CORTINA D’AMPEZZO (BL) -Via Ronco 73/A 

Mobile: +39 3205343682 (Ita-Eng-Ger)

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Follow us on IG and FB @cortinasnowboardwolrdcup 


1. Competition Rules

FIS rules will apply to this competition

2. Entries 

Entries will only be accepted from National Ski & Snowboard Associations in accordance with the FIS quotas and rules. 

All entries must be sent through the FIS Online Registration System (“Member Section”).

Entries by mail or fax are not accepted. 

Preliminary deadline for competitors and officials: November 2nd, 2020

Final deadline for competitors and officials: December2nd, 2020.

3.Event fee

Accordingto the FIS Snowboard WCRules, a mandatory participation fee of CHF 30 per competition day and per competitor, has to be paid to the OC. 

Deposit per Team (bibs): € 100,00 can be paid cash at the TC Meeting.   

The Event Fee can be paid directly at the race office.

4. Accommodation 

The OC will collect all the entries from the FIS online registration system, please pay attention: check in and check out dates must be absolutely correct.

The OC will reply back to each team with the accommodationdetails.

Accommodation at the rate of 80 CHF per night/person HB in single, double, triple or quadruple rooms will be provided–as per FIS rules point 5.2.

Official Arrival Day: WednesdayDec. 9th, 2020

FIS rate is available for teams from WednesdayDec.9th, 2020

Official Departure Day: Sunday Dec. 13th, 2020

Early arrivals or later departures are subject to availability, prices depend oneach hotel. 

Every team has to pay for the accommodation and the personal expenses directly to the hotel by cash (EURO-only) or by credit card. 

Each team will be held responsible for any damage incurred during the stay. 

In case of early departures or no-show, fee has to be paid anyway.

5. TC Meeting, Race Office, Accreditation 

Alexander Girardi Hall, Via Marangoi n.1 –32043 Cortina d'Ampezzo 

Thursday 10th of December: 6:00pm

Friday 11th of December: 5:00pm

6. Official Training Dec.10th+ 11th2019.

Official training slope available, 5 lines. From 9 to 13 o'clock. (Please contact the OC for any additional training)

7. Transportation

Teams are responsible for their own transportation. 

Every competitor, coach and serviceman has to carry a personal own skiing pass which is available for the event-days at the race office.

8. Bibs

All competitors must wear bibs during the competitions (inspection, qualification and race) and during the award ceremonies. 

9. Accident insurance

Each competitor must have his/her own medical insurance and valid medical certificate. The Organizing Committee, the Ski Area, sponsors, suppliers and their agents, the FIS, Italian Ski Federation -FISI and the Snowboard Club Cortina decline any responsibility for accidents, damaged or lost equipment and second and third party claims during the event. 

10. Liability 

All athletes, officials and members of the National Association who attend and participate in the eventshall do it at their own risk. The Organizing Committee, suppliers, theiragents, Snowboard Club Cortina, shall not be responsible for any losses or injuries incurred or suffered by any athlete, official or other person in conjunction with the organising or staging of the event.

11. Medical and Anti-Doping

Anti-Doping control testing may be conducted in accordance with the rules and regulations set forth by FIS.

12.Covid –19 Prevention Guide Lines 

The detailedprotocol of measures for the mitigation of the Codiv-19 infection risk will be available one month before the event.

To get the accreditation, you must exhibit a certificate proving that you have performed a negative swab test within 72 hours prior to your arrival in Cortina d'Ampezzo. Teams from non-Schengen Nations and Countries considered at high risk of contagion by the Italian Authorities, may be asked also for a negative swab test certificate performed in the 8-10 days prior to arrival in Cortina d'Ampezzo.The testing certificate must be issued bylaboratories accredited by the respective National Ministries of Health. The LOC, in accordance with the Italian Authorities and considering the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic, reserves the right not to accept tests produced by certain countries, in particular non-Schengen countries.

Access to the accreditation and race office, as well as to the Teams Captains Meetings is allowed only to one representative per Nation.

The accommodation facilities in Cortina d'Ampezzo are already setup to host athletes and teams, according to the guidelines of the Veneto Regionand the FIS.

On the day of the race there will be restrictions on access to the lifts. Routes and spaces dedicated to athletes and teams will be prepared.

In any case it is the responsibility of every person to adhere to the policy, follow all procedures and instructions and behave in a disciplined manner at all times. 

A breach of discipline protocol will lead to withdrawal of accreditation, such as going to locations with others present that are not subject to the protocol, i.e. bars, hotspots during the Event.

13. Prize Money

Prize money will be transferred within 7 days from the last competition day to the athletes accounts. The OC will hand out documents to fill in all the bank details. Those documents will be handed out at the race office.



Via Ronco, 73/a
32043 Cortina d'Ampezzo (BL)
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Ph. +39 320.5343682: I-E-D
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